Second Blessings

Are you in a season of life when a little something special would brighten your day? How about a brand new pillow for each member of your home? Or maybe bath towels or a new set of drapes for your windows? These really aren’t the kind of things you can spend money on when there are groceries to buy and rent to pay but not enough cash to go around.

The heart of the Second Blessings Ministry of GMC is to help the under-resourced families of our community by supplying new and gently used household items. These items are donated to us, and we wish to pass them on to those who need them. The majority of our focus is on basic items as simple as ice cube trays and trash cans. We also may have furniture or appliances.

Our desire is to make an impact on our guests by giving their life a lift, and saying that God cares about their situation, and so do we.

Second Blessings Ministry serves both individuals and other non-profit organizations which in turn also serve the under resourced of our community.

If you would like to know more about Second Blessings, or to schedule an appointment to visit Second Blessings, please call the Granger Missionary Church office at 574-272-2410.

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